Upholding the highest standards of ethical fundraising

Trust makes philanthropy possible. AFP Advancement Northwest builds this trust with an iron-clad commitment to ethical fundraising, set forth in the AFP Code of Ethical Standards and the Donor Bill of Rights, which AFP developed in partnership with other organizations.

Every year, AFP’s 30,000 members in more than 200 chapters worldwide sign our Code of Ethics, which holds fundraisers to the profession's highest standards and a commitment to put the philanthropic mission above personal gains.

Advancement Northwest members do not work just for their organizations. Every day, they represent what we call the philanthropic trust economy.

Learn more on AFP International's extensive ethics website, where you’ll find position papers, online emerging issue discussions, and FAQs on key questions such as why percentage-based compensation is unacceptable in our profession.

Questions or concerns? Fill out a confidential AFP complaint form, which will be investigated by the AFP Ethics Committee.