Find a job, make connections, advance your career

AFP Advancement Northwest’s new job board is here! Check out dozens of open positions, post your résumé or post a job.

We’re excited to offer this job board partnership with YourMembership. It’s is one of the most valued benefits we offer. Local and regional nonprofits regularly turn to us to find talented, skilled professionals, making this service a powerful resource for the whole charitable community. Job listings are updated regularly.

Advancement Northwest is committed to adhering to the highest standards of ethic fundraising and ALL postings must meet this commitment. Please see the AFP Code of Ethics.

Remember that your job board login is different from the login you use to sign up for Advancement Northwest events.  

If you are a member of Advancement Northwest, there are discounted rates for posting jobs on the board. You will be asked to create an account through the job board. You will also need to know your Member ID number as that is how memberships are validated. Your last name also needs to be entered exactly how it shows up in the directory. If you need assistance in validating your membership, you can reach out to the Advancement Northwest office.

If you need a job board login or have any other job board questions, please contact YourMembership at or by phone to 860-437-5700.