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Thank you to everyone who joined us to celebrate philanthropy on November 1. It is always inspiring to hear the stories of generosity in our community and to celebrate with friends new and old. You can view this year's videos that were shown at the luncheon and scroll down to learn more about each of the nominees.

Advancement Northwest is committed to providing philanthropic awards and we rely on attendee feedback to enhance the National Philanthropy Day experience. If you attended this year's event, please complete this brief evaluation so we can continually improve our event. 

Congratulations to our amazing award winners!

 Outstanding Philanthropic Corporation:

Read more about Superfeet on the blog

Outstanding Philanthropic Small Business: 
Phnom Penh Noodle House

Read more about Phnom Penh
Noodle House on the blog

Outstanding Philanthropic Organization: 
Social Justice Fund

Read more about Social 
Justice Fund on the blog

Outstanding Philanthropists: 
Bob & Mary Ann Wiley

Read more about Bob & (the late)
Mary Ann Wiley on the blog

Outstanding Philanthropic Family: 
Bruce Nordstrom's & Anne Gittinger's Family

Read more about Bruce Nordstrom's &
Anne Gittinger's Family on the blog

 Outstanding Young Philanthropist: 
Makenna Schwab


Read more about Makenna
Schwab on the blog


We are honored to recognize the commitment that these people and organizations have made to the communities they value. When you read the nominations, you realize that there are so many people who care deeply about their neighbors. It is our honor to highlight even a few of the remarkable people and companies in our community who are striving to make a difference each and every day.

- Amy Stone and Thaddeus Teo, Co-Chairs of National Philanthropy Day



2018 National Philanthropy Day 


National Philanthropy Day brings together donors who support the causes that our local and global communities hold dear, fundraisers who connect donors' passions to nonprofit missions and each of us who believe in the power of philanthropy to make the world a better place.


We are excited to announce the 2018 National Philanthropy Day Award winners. This year's recipients highlight generosity across multiple causes that impact people in Seattle and beyond. Thank you to all those who submitted nominations for this year's awards. It is because of you, that we are able to put on this wonderful program, and highlight the great philanthropists in our community!


If you are interested in being a sponsor of National Philanthropy Day, find out more about the opportunities available this year.

More about each award:

  • Outstanding Philanthropic Corporation: companies with a strong culture of philanthropy throughout the organization
  • Outstanding Philanthropic Small Business: companies with a strong culture of philanthropy and fewer than 100 employees
  • Outstanding Philanthropic Organization: foundations and other organizations that raise private funds to offer grants as well as organizations in service to the community
  • Outstanding Philanthropist(s): a philanthropic individual or couple
  • Outstanding Philanthropic Family: a family with multi-generational philanthropic interest
  • Outstanding Young Philanthropist(s): a philanthropic individual or family under the age of 21

National Philanthropy Day luncheon proceeds support AFP Advancement Northwest’s work to empower individuals and organizations to practice ethical fundraising through professional education, networking, research, and advocacy. 

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