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Your membership to AFP Advancement Northwest shows a commitment to your future, as well as the future of the nonprofit sector. Development professionals with strong fundraising and leadership skills result in more mission impact in our community. This means more people served. More animals rescued. More land preserved. Thank you for investing in yourself and our philanthropic community.

When AFP and NDOA merged, we became one of the largest AFP chapters in the world. The leadership decided to remain part of AFP International so that our members continued to be involved in the national conversation about philanthropy.

Being a large chapter gives us a voice on par with New York, Los Angeles, DC, Chicago and other major cities that have historically shaped philanthropy. Nonprofit leaders from Advancement Northwest have been involved in national conversations on diversity, nonprofit legislation and the future of philanthropy. We were periodically involved in these conversations before the merger, but now as a large chapter, we are regularly leading voices — all because we are united in our local community.

AFP International uses what is learned from these conversations to refine the ways they support local chapters and advocate nationally. They need this feedback to meet emerging needs. They also provide the platform to share ideas with our peers across the country.

When you join or renew your membership, $250 supports AFP International, and the rest stays here in Washington to help fund the activities in our chapter. When you look at the comparison of our local dues with other large chapters, Advancement Northwest's dues are among the lowest.

We combine your membership dues with other revenue sources to provide sustainable funding. This way we can continue to offer programs you know and love, as well as scholarships, mentorships, and access opportunities for people from underrepresented communities. This diverse funding mix also covers our overhead costs – yes, we have them too!

AFP is more than a professional association, it is an important cause for our community and for the nation. Its members advance the power of human generosity. The results of their work enhance lives, protect our world and advance communities to realize their full potential. AFP is a community of people that, through their life’s work and personal commitment to helping others, demonstrate there is nothing more rewarding than helping to unleash the power of ordinary people to accomplish extraordinary things together. AFP is not something to which I belong to, it is something that is a part of who I am in wanting to make my work meaningful and my life count.

– Jeffrey Wilcox, CFRE, The Third Sector Company